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Zagadnienia Biofizyki Współczesnej [in polish] ISSN 2084-1892
Journal of the Polish Biophysical Society


Current Topics in Biophysics (CTB) is an international journal devoted to all kinds of problems related to biophysics. Since its establishment in 1972 as an organ of the Polish Biophysical Society (initially entitled Zagadnienia Biofizyki Współczesnej), it has been publishing research reports, comments, reviews and theoretical articles. CTB Online was launched in January 2002. It will contain progressively all the volumes published once or twice since 1976.

About CTB Online (CTBo)

Since January 2002, CTB articles have been published online before print in a feature called CTB Early Edition as soon as they have been accepted and final changes have been made. At present this concerns each article accepted for electronic publication in the CTB. Such an article is edited on the Current Issue website and is accessible there until the 31st December of the year of publication. Then it is transferred to the Archive of Back Issues website with a proper volume number of the previous year. The date of online release is posted on the website and is the official date of publication.


Current Topics in Biophysics (CTB) 1976-2020